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 D10 (20 Sided) 0-9 Twice RPG Dice Set 5pc
It's nice to see the old-fashioned 20-sided dice this way. T ..
 Rating: 3 of 5 Stars!
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 Zombies 6.66: Fill in the Blank
Zombies 6.66: Fill in the Blank
01.Game Pawns: Halma Set of 10 in ten colors
02.D6 8mm Opaque Black with White Pips 20pc Dice Set
03.D6 8mm Opaque White with Black Pips 20pc Dice Set
04.D10 (20 Sided) 0-9 Twice RPG Dice Set 5pc
05.D6 8mm Opaque Red with White Pips 20pc Dice Set
06.D6 16mm Opaque White with Black Pips 10pc Dice Set
07.D6 12mm Pearlized Silver with Black Pips 10pc Dice Set
08.D6 16mm Opaque Black with White Pips 10pc Dice Set
09.D6 5mm Deluxe Rounded Edge Opaque Multicolored 50pc Dice Set
10.D6 16mm Opaque Blue with White Pips 10pc Dice Set
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Shipping & Returns


Orders are shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS) or through United Parcel Service (UPS); you may select which method you would like during checkout. We use a variety of methods from USPS Media Mail to USPS Priority Mail (or UPS Ground) for domestic shipping and from USPS First Class International to USPS Priority Mail International for international orders. In most cases, you may select which method you would like your order to be shipped by during the checkout process. Please note that orders paid for with a credit card can only be shipped to the United States and Canada. If you reside outside the US or Canada, we do accept PayPal or international postal money orders. You will receive notification when we receive your order and when we ship you order.


We believe that when you buy a new product, you expect to get what you pay for, a new product in new condition. The vast majority of our shipments get boxed (and where appropriate, bubble wrap and packing peanuts are used). Padded envelopes may work for a few items, but they are no way to send a hardcover book or game box. No order shipped by G2 will be jammed into inadequate packaging that leaves you with a less than expected product by the time you receive it. For some general examples, please continue reading.

RPG books are first placed in a plastic bag. In the event your order encounters moisture during shipping, this generally helps keep the book safe even if the box gets wet. After the plastic bag, the corners and ends are wrapped in bubble wrap. Since it is likely that the package will receive some rough treatment on the way to you, wrapping the corners puts some padding between the box corner and the book corner. Even if the box corners get dented, this padding will generally protect the book corner. Finally, the book is placed into a 200-lb test corrugated cardboard box made specifically for shipping books.

Boxed games are typically sealed in shrink wrap by the manufacturer. This shrink wrap offers adequate protection from moisture during shipment. To begin then, boxed games are wrapped inside of a layer of bubble wrap and then placed into a box with packing peanuts and/or air filler packets to cushion the game during shipment. Since boxed games are not as uniform in size as RPG books, the style of box used may vary. In general we will use a box that provides two inches of space on all sides of the game. This space along with the packing materials significantly reduces the chances of game damage during shipment.

Dice tubes, dice boxes, sand timers, and other similar materials are wrapped in bubble wrap then placed into a box with packing peanuts to cushion the item during shipment. The boxes used for this are various smaller sized 200-lb test corrugated cardboard.

Loose dice sets are placed into a sealed plastic bag and then sealed into a bubble lined mailing envelope for shipping.

The examples above are generalizations only. Since every package has the potential to be different, we will sometimes pack some orders slightly different from the examples above. This is especially true when your order contains a variety of items. In this case we will seek the best option available for protecting your order. Rest assured that we will do the best we can to insure that your order arrives safely at your doorstep.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any product you purchase from G2CH, you may return it in its original resalable condition within 30 days for a refund of the item cost or store credit (your choice).

Resalable condition is defined as a game or item that can be sold again, complete and undamaged. Shrink-wrap may be removed from game boxes, but the returned game should be free of damage and have all parts needed to play for the item to be considered resalable. Spines on new books should still appear new with minimum creasing along the edges. Items returned in non-resalable condition will be returned or renegotiated.

In short, if the item was opened and you decide this is not what you thought then it is almost certainly going to be resalable so long as you pack it with care when returning it to us. On the other hand, if the item has been heavily used or abused then it is not going to be resalable as an excellent condition used item for us. We may still take it back and offer you a refund, but this will be less than the above rate. If there are any doubts, please contact us.

Products returned in original resalable condition and postmarked within 30 days from the original shipping date are accepted for a refund of the item cost in U.S. dollars.

Shipping cost, insurance, customs fees, and return shipping cost are not refundable, except in the event where we are clearly responsible for the refund request.

Please send us a quick email notifying us of your intention to return an item. This will help us expedite the process and get your refund to you faster since we will be expecting the itemís arrival and know what to do when it does get to us.

Please note that returns will not be accepted at all where it specifically noted in the item description that this item is non-returnable (this is rare and we typically only use this exception for materials such as CD-ROMs, or other items that could be quickly copied).

Items returned damaged, missing parts, or not received due to carrier loss are ineligible for refund. Returns postmarked 30 days after the shipping date will not be accepted.

Return Example

J.F. Sebastian places an order for two RPG books each costing $25.00 on July 11. The order subtotals to $50.00. J.F. decides to insure the order for an additional $1.30. After adding $4.50 for S&H to the above numbers, the total for J.F.ís order is $55.80, which he pays for using his Paypal account. On July 12 g2ch ships J.F.ís order using US Postal Service Media Mail.

J.F. receives the order seven days later on July 19. When he opens his order he realizes that he made a mistake. He is pleased with the first book, but the second book is not the book he thought it was and he has no use for it. He contacts G2CH on July 20 and says he is returning the second book (he is keeping the first book).

On July 22 J.F. packs the second book well, using packing peanuts and bubble wrap to protect the new book during shipping. He then sends the book at his own expense back to g2ch on the same day using US Postal Service Media Mail.

On August 1, 10 days later, G2CH receives the return. The same day the order is inspected. Since J.F. took the time and effort to protect the book properly, the book is in the same new condition as when it was originally sent out. J.F. qualifies for a full return.

Since J.F. responded very quickly and returned the book within a few days of receiving it, there is no doubt that the postmark will be within 30 days of the original shipping date. J.F. qualifies for either a refund or a store credit. In his email, J.F. noted that he would prefer a refund.

Next, G2CH calculates the refund. J.F. paid a total of $55.80 for two books, S&H, and insurance. The amount of this that is eligible for a refund is only the cost of the second book (remember, S&H and insurance are not refundable). The second book cost J.F. $25.00. This means that J.F. will receive $25.00 as a refund. Since J.F. used Paypal to pay, the $25.00 will be issued back to his account the same day.

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