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In the land of ancient Greece, called Hellas, the people waged power struggles for control of the many valuable islands. The combatants faced each other over land and across the seas. In these battles with sail and sword, the combatants ventured forth to discover new islands to fight over. To aid them in their battles, the combatants often seek the favor of the Gods. (from the back of the box)

Game designer Franz-Benno Delonge created Hellas. It was originally published in Germany by Kosmos Verlag. This English language version posted here is the US release from Rio Grande Games.

Hellas is a game of conflict and discovery set in ancient Greece. It is designed for two players ages 12 and up. It plays in roughly 45 to 60 minutes on the average. The game includes 24 map tiles, 30 Greek soldier figures, 20 ship figures, 50 cards, and a rules booklet.

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