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Scorpion Dice Game

Scorpion Dice Game

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  • Quantity: 5 Dice in Tube
  • Type: Dice Game
  • Pattern: Opaque
  • Primary Color: Brown
  • Number/Pip Color: Black
  • Number/Pip Style: Etched
  • Size: 16mm
  • Manufacturer: Koplow

    The object of Scorpion is to not get stung.  Players roll the dice attempting to score points or at least roll one scorpion to continue rolling. Players may continue to roll so long as they score or roll a scorpion. No scorpions and no score results in the little sting, meaning all  points during that round are lost. Rolling five scorpions at once, though rare,  results in the big sting, losing all points, even the ones won in previous rounds. Play usually lasts for three rounds.

    Scorpion is played with five six sided dice (the one position on each die has a scorpion instead of a one).

    Quick and easy, Scorpion is a great friends and family game. It comes in a tube with five brown dice with black colored pips and easy instructions. 


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