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Ten Inch Octagonal Wood Dice Tray (with minor box damage)

Ten Inch Octagonal Wood Dice Tray (with minor box damage)

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This item has a box with a slightly damaged upper corner.  The dice tray is in new condition, still sealed in shrink plastic. 

If you like the idea of dice control (or if you are like us and have players who are a little over-enthusiastic with dice rolling), but you hate the garish looking plastic dice towers and boots, then this wood dice tray is exactly what you need.

This solid, octagonal shaped, wood framed tray has a green felt bottom rolling area. This tray measures ten inches across from side to side (8 1/2 inches of actual rolling area across) and stands 1 3/4 inches tall, plenty of room for good dice action.

This high quality, well constructed dice tray from Koplow will add a touch of class to your gaming table, control the wild rollers, and keep your dice on the table where they belong.  

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