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Chibithulhu Plush: Insanely Medium Zombie

Chibithulhu Plush: Insanely Medium Zombie

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He’s cute, he’s loveable, he’s plush, and now, he’s undead!

Chibithulhu made his first appearance on a card in the Munchkin Cthulhu game by Steve Jackson Games. Now this sickeningly cute Great Old One has crossed over to spread his cult among the walking dead with a new plush toy form. With eyes that say “obey me” this adorable and now undead ancient evil with wings of a dark angel, a belly that reveals his real thoughts (brains!), and a soft cuddly form will easily close in and lunch on even the toughest of investigators. Lose your sanity and your brain in his delightful softness. Embrace Chibithulhu… Love Chibithulhu…. Feed Chibithulhu.

Chibithulhu Zombie stands 10 inches tall by 6 inches wide (what Steve Jackson Games refers to as the Insanely Medium size). Overall his body is light gray with dark gray feet bottoms and wings. His big pale blue eyes and a bloody smile under his three tentacles dominate his face. And last but definitely not least, there is that juicy pink brain on his belly. It just cannot get more vile and adorable than this.

Chibithulhu Zombie even comes with rules to make him a small part of your Munchkin Cthulhu game.

Look at those mesmerizing eyes… those dark wings… that revealing little brain… who wouldn’t want to provide Chibithulhu with friends to eat?

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