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Cthulhu Plush: Large Santa Cthulhu

Cthulhu Plush: Large Santa Cthulhu

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He sees you when you're sleeping! He knows when you're awake!

Once a year, when the Christmas stars are right, the waters of the southern Pacific stir and Santa Cthulhu temporarily rises from the city of R'lyeh to sow death and madness to all the lesser life forms of the world. In his red hat with white trim and white ball on top, a candy cane scarf at his neck, and silent orange bells that only he can hear on his tentacles, Santa Cthulhu merrily prances from village to village devouring some and inspiring madness in others as he goes.

Santa Cthulhu plush stands roughly 16 inches tall from the top of his head to his toes and has a wingspan of roughly 16 inches. He is a bit rotund, measuring about 19 inches around the waist. He has two plastic eyes colored in red and black. Fabric colors are green, red, orange, black, and white. The orange balls on the tentacles are bell shaped only (no actual bells). This was released by Toy Vault in 2014.

This Santa Cthulhu plush will be shipped boxed with appropriate loving care and protection fitting the harsh winter conditions he must travel through.

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