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Godzilla Feet Plush Slippers

Godzilla Feet Plush Slippers


Ever wanted to walk through the streets of the city crushing cars, kicking buildings over, and watching your giant reptilian feet make the little mammals flee in terror? Ok, so we can’t offer that, but maybe the next best thing? From Toy Vault, here we have plush Godzilla slippers that will allow you to stomp through your house while roaring and imagining all of the above. You know you are totally going to do that with these slippers so no use pretending you’re going to be all refined or something once you put these on. We fully support an active imagination here, so our call would be to go for it.

These slippers measure roughly 5 inches tall by 9 ½ inches wide at the front (back 6 1/2inches) by 13 inches long. The majority of the slippers are covered in a fine Godzilla green fabric with four off white vinyl claws on each foot. The bottom of the slipper has a simple cloth pad with rubber dots for grip. Best fit for these is a US men’s size 8 to 12.

These limited edition slippers are officially licensed by Toho Co. Ltd in Japan. If you or someone you know is a fan of Godzilla, these are a fun addition to any collection.

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