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Great War at Sea: Mediterranean

Great War at Sea: Mediterranean


Between 1912 and 1923 the Mediterranean Basin saw constant armed conflict. In this game, fleets of 11 nations vie for control of the ancient Sea, with seventy separate scenarios.

Players plot the movement of their fleets in advance. When opposing forces meet play moves to the tactical map to resolve combat. Seventy scenarios recreate the historical actions as well as well as those that might have taken place in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Black Seas during the First World War, the Balkan Wars, and the Italo-Turkish War.
(from the back box cover)

Avalanche Press is known for its high quality, easy to learn war games with quality maps and counters. Whether you are a Grognard or new to war games, you will appreciate the amount of effort that this company puts into its games and supplements.

  • Time: 30 minutes to many hours
  • Players: 2
  • Map Scale: 32 miles/sea zone
  • Unit Scale: Ships / Fleets
  • Counters: 210 1 inch and 280 1/2 inch
  • Maps: Two 17x22 inch operational map and one 24x24 inch tactical map
  • Rules: 16 pages, 70 scenarios
  • Difficulty: 2 of 5 stars
  • Solitaire Play: Fair

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