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Battletech: First Strike

Battletech: First Strike


First Strike is an out of print scenario book from FASA, originally released in 1996. This copy is brand new, never used. It is from distributor back stock, which means it has been sitting around, boxed in a warehouse for years. The book's condition is excellent.

Originally made for Battletech Fourth Edition, it is likely that conversion to the more modern Classic Battletech would not be difficult at all.

First Strike is a unique Battletech game supplement created especially for players new to the game. It features thirteen ready to play scenarios that require only the contents of the boxed game to play; 9 scenarios for Battletech Fourth Edition, including a three part mini-campaign; 3 scenarios for Citytech Second Edition, featuring battles from the Clan invasion; and one huge scenario that combines them both in a titanic struggle for survival!

New players and old hands alike can also create an endless variety of original scenarios with the new scenario-creation system. Extensive sections on tactics offer players of all skill levels new insights into Battletech and Citytech gaming strategies. First Strike also includes new armored vehicles and Omnimech configurations for use with Citytech.
(from the back cover).

Use of this book requires Battletech and Citytech rules.

First Strike is a 72 page soft cover, perfect bound book with black and white illustrations.

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