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Cthulhu Plush: Cthulhu the Hunted Wall Trophy

Cthulhu Plush: Cthulhu the Hunted Wall Trophy

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Cthulhu, great ancient evil, devourer of souls, Lord of R’lyeh… whatever. More like hunting prize for some seriously bad investigators on safari. Here we have the prize piece of the top hunter’s collection, Cthuhu’s head mounted on a wall plaque, ready to display in your game room so you can enjoy reveling in the tale of how you bagged this old boy over brandy and conversation with lesser investigators.

The wall plaque is 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide. The plush head on the plaque measures roughly 9 inches tall by 7 inches wide and sticks out from the wall about 5 inches at the forehead. The plush head is mounted on dark stained wood. Toy Vault doesn’t actually provide a way to mount the plaque, but we’ve added a very simple picture hanger so this is ready for display. If you prefer, you could easily remove the picture hanger and buy a different kit at a local hardware store.

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