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D12 Months of the Year Die

D12 Months of the Year Die

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  •  Quantity: Single Die
  • Type: Specialty D12
  • Pattern: Opaque
  • Primary Color: White
  • Number/Pip Color: Blue
  • Number/Pip Style: Etched
  • Size: 28mm
  • Manufacturer: Koplow

Need a random way to generate a month? Here we have a D12 months of the year die. If you use annual events in your games, this is a quick way to determine the month when an event will occur, character birth months, or whatever else you can imagine using it for.

This posting is for a single opaque white 28 mm 12 sided die. The words on the die are etched into the surface and inked in blue. Instead of numbers, the sides are labeled with the twelve months of the year, January to December.

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