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D16 Transparent Diamond Gamescience Gem Die

D16 Transparent Diamond Gamescience Gem Die

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  • Quantity: single die
  • Type: D16 (sixteen-sided)
  • Pattern: Gem Transparent
  • Primary Color: Diamond
  • Number/Pip Color: Black
  • Number/Pip Style: Etched & Hand Inked
  • Size: 18mm
  • Manufacturer: Gamescience

This 16 sided die from Gamescience, is a great way to use a simple single roll for generating a 1 to 16 number. No longer must you roll two D8s and add them together. Use for this true sixteen-sided die is limited only to your imagination. You could even replace all those 2-16 damage rolls and encounter size numbers since a true D16 exist now.

This die measures 18mm tall. It is made out of high impact plastic. Gamescience razor edged precision dice are completely unpolished. To fully understand what this means, please read the information in the following link on at least one Gamescience page before ordering: Please Read This Before Ordering Gamescience Dice

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