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D6 25mm Triple Dice - 3 in a cube

D6 25mm Triple Dice - 3 in a cube

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  • Quantity: Single Die
  • Type: Double D6 (six-sided)
  • Pattern: Transparent
  • Primary Color: Multi-Color
  • Number/Pip Color: Black / White
  • Number/Pip Style: Etched
  • Size: 25mm
  • Manufacturer: Koplow

One Cube to hold them all, One cube to roll them, One cube to bring to games and … Well, you get the picture. Here we have three 5mm D6s inside of a clear 25mm cube. Roll the single “3 in a cube” for results of 3 to 18. Use it for quick stats for NPCs, characters, damage, or whatever you can think of.

The outside cube is completely transparent with no markings. Inside the cube are three 5mm dice, one red with white spots, one blue with white spots, and one white with black spots.

Whether you are a collector of dice, novelties, or a game player this is a die that will surely be noticed for its uniqueness. Manufactured by Koplow Games, the NICE DICE(R) Company.

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