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Deadlands: The Battle for Slaughter Gulch

Deadlands: The Battle for Slaughter Gulch

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Dust, grit, and the smell of fear blow through the quiet streets of a rough and tumble frontier town. Once deemed a refuge from the hazards of the West, the town took a darker turn with the discovery of precious ghost rock. You have come to lay claim to your share of the priceless mineral, only to find that you aren’t the only one who has heard of the fabulous wealth ripe for the plucking. Can you outwit your foes and take control of the town and the limitless wealth it promises to the strong and cunning? Or will an unmarked grave on boot hill be your final resting place? (from the back of the box)

Deadlands: The Battle for Slaughter Gulch contains 36 dude figures (representing six outfits: the Agency, the Texas Rangers, the Blessed, the Hucksters, the Shamans, and the Mad Scientists), 20 townsfolk figures, 6 player screens, 6 outfit cards, 6 town cards, 12 game board tiles, action tokens, harrowed counters, 36 objective cards, 16 event cards, 30 equipment cards, 18 spell cards, 6 gadget cards, 29 encounter cards, ghost rock, a 6 six-sided dice, and rules.

From Twilight Creations, this is a game for two to six players ages 13 and up. It plays in roughly 60 to 120 minutes.

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