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Last Night on Earth: Growing Hunger Expansion

Last Night on Earth: Growing Hunger Expansion

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As the living nightmare of the Zombie attack continues, the bitter struggle for survival grows increasingly deadly. Desperate for flesh, Zombies swarm over the town of Woodinvale, leaving a gruesome wake of death and destruction in their path. With nowhere to hide and a renewed determination, the remaining Heroes add more survivors to their ranks and find new weapons to fight back the growing hunger of the dead.

The Growing Hunger Expansion introduces new game mechanics and three exciting new Scenarios to challenge players as well as a two player mini-game. Take control of four new Heroes, each with a highly-detailed plastic miniature as well as seven new Red Zombies for use as Plague Carriers, Grave Dead, or to increase the Zombie Horde. New modular game board sections expand the town and feature unique buildings such as the Supermarket, Library, and Antique Shop. New game cards give Zombies a chance to steal weapons from the Heroes and add powerful Double-Handed weapons to the Heroes arsenal, such as Garden Shears and the Fence Post. Also included are two new full color, die-cut counter sheets adding Free Search Markers for the Heroes as well as many more fun ideas to the Last Night on Earth toolbox for limitless use with official web content or creating your own new Scenarios.

More Heroes! More Boards! More Hunger!
(from the back of the box)

This zombie horror expansion for the Last Night on Earth board game by Flying Frog Productions is for 2 to 6 players ages 12 and up. It plays in roughly 60 to 90 minutes. To use Growing Hunger, you must own a copy of the original Last Night on Earth board game. Growing Hunger comes with a full color rulebook, 2 ?L shaped? outer boards, 4 hero figures, 7 red zombie figures, 25 hero cards, 25 zombie cards, 4 hero character sheets, and 2 full color counter sheets.

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