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Magdar: A Game of Digging Too Deep

Magdar: A Game of Digging Too Deep

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Magdar is a game of dwarves and mining. A new lode of mithril and gems has been exposed by a recent lava flow. Each player controls a group of dwarven miners seeking to strike it rich. The teams each seek to maximize their take of the loot without raising the anger of Magdar, the demon who dwells in the magma flow. Players have to decide how far they are willing to go. One more pile of precious ore and gems or back to the surface and safety? How much will the team risk to become wealthy? How far will you dig?

Magdar is a game of prospecting, claim jumping, and greed for two to four players. The game is playable in as little as ten to twenty minutes and this makes it a great game for between RPG sessions or for quick play when time is limited. Since players as young as nine can comprehend the rules, this makes it great for family play as well.

Another entertaining winner from Fantasy Flight, Magdar is sure to warm the blood and immerse players in the dwarven spirit of mine, mine, mine.

Magdar is designed for 2 to 4 players ages 9 and up. It plays in roughly 20 minutes on the average.

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