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Serenity Role Playing Game: Out in the Black

Serenity Role Playing Game: Out in the Black

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There are lots of stories about the final days of the Unification War. Some tell about lost treasures of uncountable wealth. Some tell of curses and damnation. Others still tell of mutiny, treachery, and pirates. But only one legend combines them all, a story that leads to Frisco - the most dangerous, lawless mining town in the 'Verse. Here it will take fast-thinking, careful diplomacy, and a steady gun hand to walk away breathin'. Everyone in the town has an agenda, even the little red-headed school marm who seems awfully familiar...

Out in the Black is an adventure for the Serenity Role Playing Game (sold separately). Authors Tracy Laura Hickman drew on the actual history, tales, and legends of a real silver mining town in the American West - told to Tracy by his father and grandparents from when he was a child - as the foundation for many of the events and locations in this new adventure set in Joss Whedon's incredible 'Verse.

  • Maps based on the actual maps of the original town and mine.
  • Separate "Frisco" town section for use of the town as a campaign setting beyond the adventure.
  • Extensive footnotes regarding the historical sources for game events!
  • (from the back cover)

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