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Wings of War: Watch Your Back!

Wings of War: Watch Your Back!

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Roaring two-seater planes fly over the trenches on recon missions, bombing runs, trench strafing, and daring rescues... Can you escort your planes to their targets and safely back home? Or can you prevent your opponent's planes from striking at the heart of your forces?

Each Wings of War set is a complete card game which may be combined with other sets to play larger and richer scenarios. Wings of War is based on accurate historical documentation to give you a fast and furious gaming experience.
(from the back box cover)

Watch Your Back comes with 139 cards, 5 game boards, 36 counters, 2 rulers, and 1 rulebook. Five models of WWI aircraft are added in Watch Your Back: the Nieuport 11, Hanriot HD.1 and Halberstadt D.III fighters, and the British/American DH4 and the Austrian Ufag C.I two-seaters.

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