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Zombie Town Board Game

Zombie Town Board Game

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Oh sure, "buy the house next to the cemetery," they said. "What are you afraid of?" they said. "You don't expect the dead to get up anytime soon, do you?" It seemed like a good idea at the time. Then the murders started. "There's no such thing as zombies," they said. They were WRONG! Now your days are filled with frantic running from house to house gathering plywood, ammunition, food... whatever you can find. Sometimes you even have to rescue some of the people who gave you such good advice to begin with. No such thing as zombies... Yeah Right!

Welcome to Zombie Town.

Zombie Town drops you in the middle of the action as you rush around to gather supplies and rescue survivors. Oh, and you might want to avoid the living dead as they rise from the conveniently located cemetery in the middle of town.

Help is coming in ten days. The real question is... will you last that long?
(from the back of the box)

Zombie Town comes with one 20.5 inch by 20.5 inch game board, 6 player figures, 24 player chips (4 for each player), 12 wall stands, 6 player cards, 30 combat cards, 102 action cards, 12 house cards, 100 Zombie figures, one 12-sided die, and rules. This is a game for 3 to 6 players ages 12 and up.

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