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Zombies 5: School's Out Forever

Zombies 5: School's Out Forever

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Nearly 8:00 AM! Ouch! You turned off the alarm and overslept again. Bad news is this morning you have a mid-term. "What an idiot," you criticize yourself. You knew in the back of your head you should have cut it off last night after that eighth pitcher, but no, you had to listen to that sixth year student you call a friend, Eddie. Just one more round turned into at least two more, that you remember anyway. You dash through the shower, get dressed in the clothing from the "OK" pile on the floor, grab a piece of yesterday's pizza from the box, and soda to go. Maybe you can make it only about ten minutes late. Running at top speed through the dorm hallway you think to yourself, "strange, there's usually a few more unlucky souls around with classes at these ungodly hours." Then you spot the cause of your current pain, Eddie, at the end of the hallway. "Hey man! What the hell are you doing out of bed at this time," you shout as you run past him on the way out the door. Yeesh! Some people are just not made to function in the morning you think. Poor guy looked just like one of those zombies from the old horror films. Bet he was just coming in from last night. That's when you notice what appears to be some sort of demonstration blocking up the campus. Great! This is definitely going to slow you down. As you approach the crowd, some of them break away and come toward you. "Man, I really do not have time for this. Ok, just take the flyer and run," you think. Wait a second, those guys aren't carrying any flyers and was that screaming? Is that blood? "Oh man, my G.P.A. is never going to recover after this..."

Zombies 5: School's Out Forever from Twilight Creations takes you to the campus of Twilight University. Here you'll study how to improvise weapons and your grade point average no longer matters since every day is strictly pass / fail. Think you got what it takes to graduate? Enroll today and find out!

Zombies 5 comes with 16 map tiles, 32 event cards, and rules. It also includes new rules for guts and guts tokens that can be used with any version of the Zombies game. Use of this game requires the original Zombies!!! Game.

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