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D20 Modern RPG: D20 Future

D20 Modern RPG: D20 Future


High Tech Meets High Adventure: The future is what you make of it. With access to space travel, cybernetics, mutations, mecha, and more in d20 Future, heroes may battle across alien worlds, survive on post apocalyptic Earth, voyage to distant galaxies, and explore alternate dimensions. Charge your weapons and embark on never-ending adventure within the infinite possibilities of the near and distant future. (from the back cover)

D20 Future allows players of the D20 Modern RPG to play new campaigns set in either the near or far future. This book would be enough it was just packed with all of the new stuff such as cybernetics, starships, and mechs, but it gets even better than that. WotC also pulled in and updated several things from old TSR games. For example, from Star Frontiers comes the Vrusk, Dralasite, and Yazirians. From Alternity there are the Sesheyan, Weren, and T'sa. There are also equipment and mutation updates from various games published in previous years. This book is a must have for fans of the D20 system and science fiction gaming.

Use of D20 Future requires the D20 Modern Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.

D20 Future is a 224 page hard cover book with both black and white and color illustrations throughout. This is published by Wizards of the Coast (WotC).

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