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D20 Modern RPG: D20 Menace Manual

D20 Modern RPG: D20 Menace Manual


Trapped inside the burning building you frantically pace around looking for a safe exit. Out front there are firefighters, SWAT teams, paramedics, and regular civilians. You also see that nosy reporter from GNN out there, on your tail again it seems. You only came here for some answers, but that all went out the window quick. The cultist downstairs set off crude firebombs the minute your friends and you got up to the third floor. It all fell apart fast from there. The dying cultist you questioned thought you were with the "ESF" and wouldn't tell you anything. Who the hell is the ESF anyway and why do they want to know about the Fraal? And of course there is the original question as well; Who or what are the Fraal?

Gamemastering a game takes literally hundreds of NPCs. NPCs like the firefighters and Fraal in the above hypothetical scene. In just a short scene description, six different types of NPCs get mentioned. The D20 Menace Manual is the answer to easing your life as a GM. Packed with creatures such as the Fraal, characters such as the firefighters and cultist, and organizations like the ESF, this book is a useful addition to any gamemasters arsenal of tools.

Even better, this is a D20 product. So really, this book is useful for almost any game with a modern setting. If you gamemaster D20 modern or any of the other modern setting games, this is a book you are not going to want to be without.

D20 Menace Manual is a 224 page hardback bound game book with color illustrations. A fully indexed list of creatures, characters, and factions appears in the front of the book. This is published by Wizards of the Coast (WotC).

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