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OGL Wild West RPG

OGL Wild West RPG


OGL Wild West from Mongoose Publishing allows you to build your own Western campaign somewhere between truth and legend. If you want a historically accurate setting where more people die from disease than bullets then this book will allow you to create that. If you favor the dime novels and the spaghetti westerns where the lone gunslinger walks tall then OGL Wild West can be used to create that too. If you want something in between the two extremes, this is the book that will give you what you need to build a great Old West RPG Campaign.

Characters come from all walks of life, cowboys, soldiers, mountain men, lawmen, outlaws, Indians, gunslingers, and many more. Want to play cowboys driving cattle, buffalo soldiers fighting the Indian wars (or the reverse), prospectors looking to strike it rich, lawmen looking to bring justice to the plains, or outlaws looking for the big haul, you can do any of these and more. OGL Wild West is a complete setting with a lot of flexibility built in so that whatever you decide to do, it will be your game and your campaign setting.

Fans of the Old West are going to truly enjoy this book, no magic, no monsters, just good old fashioned six guns and tough characters. Put the big iron on your hip and saddle up for some plain good fun and some memorable tales that just may get a bit taller as they get told again and again by the members of your gaming group.

OGL Wild West is a 240 page hardback bound book with black and white illustrations throughout. The book is fully indexed. OGL refers to ?Open Gaming License,? i.e. a way to say D20 without being stuck with the more complex rules that go with the D20 license. This is a complete game requiring nothing else to play except dice (if you are already familiar with D20 Modern or other Mongoose Core Books that will be an advantage, but it is not necessary).

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