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WFRP: Game Master's Pack

WFRP: Game Master's Pack


The Definitive GM's Aid!

Essential for any Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Game Master, this WFRP Game Master's Pack includes a full colour GM's screen, an information pack, and a ready-to-run scenario by Alfred Nunez, Jr. Useful for beginners and veterans alike, the Game Master's Pack cuts out frantic rulebook flipping and puts the information at the GM's fingertips.

The Game Master's Pack includes:

  • A full colour, 4-panel GM screen, featuring keynote artwork Forged in Blood by Geoff Taylor and over 20 key tables, essential for running QFRP.
  • A handy Combat Tracker to help you meep tabs on Initiative Order, Special Events, and up to a dozen NPCs.
  • NPC Record Sheets - great for adventure building.
  • The Equipment Emporium - a handy overview of goods and services in the Old World.
  • A reference sheet for the Dark Lores of Magic and their horrific side effects.
  • A guide to common buildings and settings of the Old Wrold, incluidng interiro maps and a sample village.
  • Pretty Things - an introductory adventure in which things turn very ugly indeed...
  • 4 pre-generated characters, so your players can jump right into the action! (from the back cover)

    The is Game Master?s Pack and enclosed adventure require the Warhammer FRP Core Book to use.

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